Corporate Broking

Strategic support for listed companies and companies that aim to list on the market.

Capital Raising

Strategic and operational support for raising capital to nurture company growth.

Business Evaluation

Business evaluations and strategies to determine the optimal value of your company.

Hammer Partners

Founded in 2009 as an independent brand, Hammer Partners provides financial intelligence for European small and mid-caps, creating lasting partnerships to solve complex problems and work with clients to achieve their most ambitious goals.

What we do

We manage search and selection of Institutional and Professional Investors, identifying the needs and selecting the market instruments best-suited to the client company's equity and financial structure.

We support companies in the phases before and after an initial public offering (IPO), organizing roadshows and capital markets days while carefully selecting targeted investors to optimize the outcome of the operation.

National and International Networks

We guarantee solutions adapted to the specific needs of each transaction, and to nurture strong, lasting relationships with our clients.

Decades of experience, along with the ability to leverage our local and international networks, enable us to contribute significant value to each transaction, from strategic vision to technical and managerial skills.

Our mission

Value Enhancement

We work to enhance the financial activities of our clients through analytical company evaluations, identifying optimal solutions across all business operations.

Professional rigour and a sharp focus on our clients’ interests allow us to respond to multiple requests from companies, entrepreneurs, market counter-parties and investors.